Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Is It Premiere

WOW. Don't know where to even start. This movie was phenomenal. It let you step into his world on a different level. Now i feel like i knew him for years on a personal level. This is it was IT!!!! It'll make you cry, and even will make you laugh.. This man was great! I don't wanna spoil the movie though, so make sure you go see it! In THEATERS NOW!! ONLY FOR 2 WEEKS!



  1. u ar lucky man i ll tomorow!
    follow me i speak with u on aim and msn!!
    Whats news for u? waiting ur news song after movie an d dinner!!

  2. Wow!!! I was there yesterday too!! It was amazing your right... Im so speechless

    Loved the movie!! Wanna see it again

  3. I went to see it last night and everything you said is soo true
    MJ was truly a perfectionist and the man knew his music
    I wish he could've had at least one show so we could see the final outcome of all that hard work